Sewer & Water Main Lines

Not all homeowners fully understand the nature of water supply lines or seweSewer Water Main Diagramr lines.  Of course, for an effective plumbing system to function properly, both both of these plumbing lines must be in good working order.  Within each of the lines, the homeowner has shared responsibility with the city, as both lines are connected to city (sometimes county) services.  As the picture on the right depicts, usually the sidewalk is the dividing line between who’s responsible for each side of the line (with minor variations with each service and actual service location).

So what can go wrong?  Over time, a myriad of different problems can occur. A significant number of customers in Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado have experienced failures with aging materials, specifically blue pex pipe.  Uncapped clean outs, tree roots intrusion (through the wall of the pipe), shifting foundations and ground movement can cause failures, again over time.

If the plumbing failure occurs on the homeowners side of the dividing line, the homeowner is responsible for the repair.  Repairs are difficult, often negatively impacting landscaping and requiring water service to be shutoff for a lengthy period at a time.

QwikPlumb has repaired and/or replaced the toughest plumbing sewer main and water main lines throughout Greeley, Fort Collins, Windsor and Loveland.  With decades of combined experience, our plumbers have the knowledge and insight to repair these (or any residential plumbing challenges), including older property.

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Recent Work Completed


Water Main Replacement | Evans, Colorado

January 2015:  Full replacement of 22′ Water Main Plumbing Line in 80620 zip code.

Sewer Main Replacement | Greeley, Colorado

November 2015:  Full replacement of 65′ Sewer Main Plumbing Line in 80634 zip code.

Sewer Main Replacement | Loveland, Colorado

November 2015:  Full replacement of 58′ Sewer Main plumbing line in 80538 zip code.

Sewer Main Replacement | Ault, Colorado

December 2015:  Full replacement of 30′ Sewer Main plumbing line in 80610 zip code.

Sewer Main Replacement | Greeley, Colorado

October 2015:  Full replacement of 40′ Sewer Main plumbing line and 45′ Water Main plumbing line in 80631 zip code.

Sewer Main Replacement | Fort Collins, Colorado

November 2015:  Full replacement of 39′ Water Main plumbing line in 80526 zip code.

“When my main sewer line went from draining slowly to barely draining at all, I knew it was time. I did my homework, contacted three companies and asked them for bids.  I am so happy I found QwikPlumb. The workmen that came to my home were respectful and very hardworking. The work was done to the highest of standards and even though they ended up needing to replace part of my water line in addition to my sewer main because the two ran right on top of each other, and that extra work took them several more hours, they held to their original bid and charged me only for the sewer main. In the end I had to talk THEM into accepting a little extra to cover the materials for the water line. Thanks QwikPlumb for an excellent job that was done well and at a fixed price!! I would call QwikPlumb again without hesitation and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs plumbing work to be done right.”

~ M. T. ~

Greeley, Colorado