Gas Piping

Traditional homes utilize gas piping for a many different uses, including source power for water heaters, furnaces, gas fireplaces, kitchen ranges and stoves, outdoor fire pits, and more. Clean burning fuels for gas appliances and heating are extremely efficient, which is key considering the current green initiatives.  QwikPlumb has installed gas piping throughout the valley installing gas pipe, everything from small fire-pit installations to large IPSPE commercial installations. Entire replacements ofelectric heat systems, completing kitchen remodels, and installing gas fireplaces are commonplace.  When choosing your next gas installer, consider the following:

Line Pressure & Size

Tackling the toughest gas line challenges requires a complete understanding of gas pressure and how pressure effects your water heater, gas range stove, and fireplace.  Without the proper flow rates, kitchen and hot water appliances fail, often without indication. Pressure and flow rates are often affected by the actual gas line size.  Too little, and not enough flow.  Too much, and pressure is reduced.  Call on QwikPlumb to get it right!

Technology & Advancement

QwikPlumb leverages the latest techology, including the Chipset Monometer 3000, to ensure your gas piping installation is operating at maximum efficiency.  Using our “two-location” technology, we ensure that your gas pipe installation is producing the accurate pressure and flow rates instantly.


Valves & Regulators

Kitchen appliances and tankless water heaters require the proper valve sizing to operate correctly.  Often, 2-pound valves found on most homes do not provide enough fuel to operate efficiently, and must be replaced with 14 inch valves.  Lastly, proper regulator placement protects your investment.  QwikPlumb regularly works with Xcel Energy, and other municipalities, to ensure your gas installation is operating to its potential.

Often, in residential gas piping installations, QwikPlumb encounters large projects, such as kitchen and bath remodels, water heater relocation or replacement, and furnace/boiler installations.

In every case, we pledge to provide you first class service, and to care for your home as if it were ours.  With over 20 years in the industry, we guarantee great service at a fair price.  Our skilled technicians are drug-free and have been screened through background checks, simply because your safety is important to us.

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