We are hiring!

QwikPlumb is growing. There is no shortage of awesome stuff to work on here. We are looking for amazing team members that have a knack for creating exceptional customer experiences in Northern Colorado.

Positions Available:  Plumber Apprentice


Challenging Careers

Engaging, team based work environments rich with challenging work in the water, heat, and gas pipe environments.

Advanced Pay Systems

Hourly pay + team based Performance Bonuses for noteworthy accomplishments.

Vans, Uniforms, Tools, and Phones

You bring the engaging, committed personality, and we’ll deliver the work vans, tools, and uniforms to create a first class work environment.

Position: Plumber Apprentice


  • You are proactive. You know what you want to accomplish in life, you are disciplined in carrying out plans, and think ahead. Friends would describe you as responsible, that you have pride in your work, and focus your efforts on things that you can do something about.
  • You are mechanically inclined. You were always intrigued by lego’s, puzzles, or how a motor works. You’re well-versed in the difference between 1/2″ and 3/4″, have a solid understanding of how heat expands matter (and the inverse), and don’t mind getting dirty.
  • You have excellent personal skills. You are sensitive to the feelings of others, you understand the viewpoints of others, and have a knack for listening to genuinely understand others viewpoints.
  • You never stop learning, and you’re naturally curious. You’re hungry for more knowledge and ideas, and you can show us how you’ve used that to improve how you work. You don’t stop with the obvious but instead think about what might happen in the extreme cases. You constantly ask questions and dig deeper to learn more.
  • You are a team contributor, and care about the success of the team as well as your own. You cooperate with others. When solving conflicts, you strive to find ‘win-in’ solutions that benefit all.



  • You’ll install advanced plumbing and heating systems. Great plumbing always has a great thinker behind it. You’ll learn and tackle large water, heat, and gas system installations, in dynamic environments.  Your solutions will be deployed in homes from 5 to 75+ years old, all across Northern Colorado.
  • You’ll coach and consult customers, a lot. That’s right,  we conduct numerous walk-through estimates every day. Your honesty, integrity, and charisma displayed on each customer visit is the secret ‘sauce’ that sets the foundation for ‘five star’ customer service.
  • You’ll be an integral part of the team. As a plumber, you won’t just be responsible for solving problems. You’ll be involved in the planning and development of the QwikPlumb business offering from the start. You’ll work side-by-side with talented Plumbers, Estimators, HVAC pros, and Operations Managers every day making sure QwikPlumb fully delivers an extraordinary customer experience.  Everyone on your team is responsible for quality, and we count on you to lead the way.
  • You’ll move fast. And, your role will be ever-changing. You’ll do a lot in one day. You’ll create and execute installation and repair plans, update documentation, consult and coach with customers, and solve problems.  You might take a look at a unresponsive water heater and come to solutions, you might participate in a design session to replace a commercial boiler heat system, or install gas piping for an elderly couple. We like fast – it’s the best way to get insights from our trend data and make smart decisions as quickly as possible.
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